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Administrative Management and Archive Search

Administrative Management assumed by Brama Production can be very valuable in the development or production of super-production. Our knowledge of local laws and authorities allows us to accelerate administrative processes sometimes necessary for the implementation of a fiction or documentary.

  • Preparing contracts with local television channels,
  • The preparation of artists' contracts with copyright, etc ...
  • The Provision of multilingual translators for writing official letters, or any type of documents. (The signature contract with delegation.)
  • The Management of Visas, Insurance equipment and people
  • Seeking authorization for a shoot

The distance rechercheà archive can be a very useful work for developers, or production companies looking abroad accurate or audiovisual documents about past events for the investigation and document their own programs. The Brama counselors can arrange to collect, gather this information while complying with current procedures with respect to rights to use these sources for example.