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Our Brama Advisor for Special Effects and 3D in Latin American countries is Virginie Bourdin.

Virginie Bourdin began his artistic career in France in 1995 as designer of cartoons and graphic designer. She then joined the firm of Post-Production MPC (Moving Picture Company) in London in 2002, creating the first recognized position of Special Effects Artist Designer. It becomes the responsibility of creating the first VFX department (Visual Effects) MPC London. Artistic Director, coordinates the special effects designs of the tender to the final design of the post-production of international films such as Xmen, Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code. His sense of artistic creation and visual communication has enabled a better harmonization of quality standards of the company MPC creative. This specificity has helped draw in it many international artists. Today, Virginia is an independent consultant specializing in "creative management" of audiovisual content.
In 2014, it also created "The Art of Direction", a network of independent international experts in the field of 3D creation and VFx all having already had an international career.

Filmography :

2015 Seventh Sons (Head of Department : MPC) – diverse creatures and environments

2015 Cinderella (Head of Department : MPC) – transformations

2014 The Gardians of the galaxy (Head of Department : MPC) – weapons props

2014 The edge of Tomorrow (Head of Department : MPC) – aliens

2014 Xmen : Day of Future Past (Head of Department : MPC) – sentinels and portals

2014 Godzilla (Head of Department : MPC) – trailers for Sundance festival

2014 47 Ronins (Head of Department : MPC) – oni and visual research

2013 Percy Jackson Sea (Head of Department : MPC) – Kronos

2013 The Lone Ranger (Head of Department : MPC) – environment

2013 Man of Steel (Head of Department : MPC) – detailing on Space ships

2013 Dark Shadow (Head of Department : MPC) – characters transformations and environment

2012 Prometheus (Head of Department: MPC) – arrival sequence

2013 Wrath of the Titans (Head of Department : MPC) – Kronos, Makkai and fx design

2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (lead concept artist) – Voldemort death, Fienfire, apparating, Quidditch environment, wand effect design and visual consultation for the final battle

2010 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (lead concept artist) – The sea serpent and the evil Myst

2010 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (lead concept artist) - the seven potter transformation, The seven potters chase, the apparating and wand effect design.

2010 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (lead concept artist) – the tower, environment extensions design

2010 Clash of the Titans (concept artist: MPC, lead concept artist) – detailing of The Kraken, Argos city

2010 The Wolfman (concept artist) – wolman and werewolf transformations

2009 Dorian Gray (concept artist) – frame transformation

2009 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (lead concept artist) – under water enemy base and environment, Detailing of the underwater vehicles, the cannon.

2009 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (lead concept artist) – Quidditch environment and the Apparating effect

2008 The other Boleyn girl (concept artist) – london arrival

2007 Elizabeth: The Golden Age (concept artist: MPC) – battle ship look

2006 X-Men: The Last Stand (texture artist: MPC) – Jean’s transformation into phoenix, wolverine healing

2006 The Da Vinci Code (concept artist: MPC) – inside cryptex and the church bell tower

2005 Harry Potter and the goblet of fire (concept artist: MPC) – the pensive

2007 The Golden Compass (concept artist) – Mrs Coulter interiors in London and Bolvangar, the Altheometer, the killer bug props, the Gypsy Boat

2005 Valiant (Lighter)

Short Documentaries :

2014 Portrait of talents – Stephane Levallois (director/producer) – in production

2014 Portrait of talents – Dave Madison (director/producer) - in production

2014 Portrait of talents – Miss Megu (director/producer) - in production

2014 Portrait of talents – Natalia Christofaro (director/producer) - in production

2014 Creative processes – Stephane Levallois (director/producer) - in production

2014 Creative processes – Levente Petterffy (director/producer) - in production

2014 Creative processes – Natalia Christofaro (director/producer) - in production

Short Movie

2003 La Femme Papillon (director-author)

2003 L’écrivain (art director)

2003 Banja (graphic bible colorist)

2003 Signe de Vie ! (look development artist)

2000 Atraksion (backgrounds artist)

Animated TV series

1997 Papyrus (background artist)