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What is BRAMA HUB Network?

By definition a HUB in English means the center of a wheel or a nucleus. Here now more an organization or a platform implementing a central connection point. By extension, the term is used in transportation or computer.

So Brama Hub network brings through a single entity "Brama Consultants" - experts in the audiovisual, cultural and artistic production in a foreign context. Their role is not to produce, but to accelerate the implementation of the project, sometimes even to bear them. Our presence will cover the end of 2014 all the countries of the Andean region (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela) to spread throughout Latin America by future hires. The parent company created in 2013 in Bolivia in La Paz. His birth is the result of many years of experience and support activities to the achievement of these founding members in Bolivia and Peru. Brama Production wants to become a reference in supporting projects in foreign context; It assumes executive produced produce reports in thus lowering implementation costs for production companies or broadcasters based in the hexagon or other francophone countries.

To learn more about us, read the FAQ.