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What is the BRAMA HUB Network?

By definition a HUB in English means the center of a wheel or a nucleus. This term is rather an organization or platform implementing a central connection point. By extension, the term is used in transportation or computer.

So Brama Hub network includes a single entity "Brama Advisors" audiovisual specialists, cultural and artistic production in a foreign context. Their role is not to produce, but to accelerate the implementation of the project, sometimes even to bear them. Our presence will cover the end of 2014 all the countries of the Andean region (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil) and then spread throughout Latin America by future hires. The parent company founded in 2013 in Bolivia in La Paz. His birth followed several years of experience and support activities to the achievement of these founding members in Bolivia and Peru. Brama Production wants to become a reference in supporting projects in a foreign context, it already assumes the realization of documentaries, reports, by doing so reduce implementation costs for production and broadcast companies based in the hexagon or other francophone countries. To learn more about us, read the FAQ.



After studies in Philosophy and Anthropology at the Sorbonne in Paris, Mathieu Orcel decided to devote himself to the achievement and it is in Argentina it begins its journey filmmaker since 2001.
In 2009, he founded his own production company, Kon SUD and its location between Europe and America allows it to produce documentaries and reportages in several countries in South America for both French channels qu'argentines (France Television, Arte, Canal +, CAPA, Canal Encuentro, TV Pública, among others).

Mathieu is also a musician, in the Franco-Argentine training "Madame Mostreau" and occasionally it happens on the other side of the camera as an actor or presenter.

Contact Brama Argentina :
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Eric Charles Tassel, lived and worked in Bolivia since 2008. He designed and initiated the project BRAMA HUB networks from the parent structure Brama production he created in 2013 in Bolivia. He was previously director of his own films (autofictions) for which he obtained Val de Marne Museum Scholarship (MacVal) and executive producer of the IDCORE dance company in France. He is the creator of the Nuit Blanche La Paz in Bolivia. Since 2013, under the initiative, the White Nights América Latina network is created to consolidate the emergence of the concept on the continent. Since 2012, experience has also led him to be a fixer, director and executive producer for French channels such as TV5, France 5, Arte. Painter and architect, he participated in the creation of an architectural mega project for Bolivia.

Contact Brama Bolivia:
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+591 775 312 32



Mónika Barrios Cabrera formed for careers in the audiovisual and cinema in Colombia, Cuba, and especially in France, where she studied and worked for 9 years, particularly in the documentary, at Zoom Zoom Generation, The Village Movies and The Factory. It was in France that it also participates in the organization of film festivals like "Tout Court" (Aix en Provence), "Cinema and Cultures of Latin America Biarritz" or "Real Cinema" (París).
Back in Bogota in 2008, she worked for various companies as an independent director and executive producer continues its activity of artistic events such as general coordinator of "Ciudad Teatro", as part of the festival Iberamericano Téatro Bogota (FITB), where are represented 211 performances of different genres.
Recently, she became executive director of the Cultural Fundaction Vertice she created to organize the first Nuit Blanche Bogota which attracted an audience of almost 25 000, 26 October 2013. Its foundation is also supporting the project White Nights network América Latina.

Contact Brama Colombia:
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Chrystèle Thézé lives and works in Ecuador since 2009. In charge of the Cultural Department of the French Alliance of Quito for 4 years, she has developed an extensive network of cultural contacts, artistic, scientific and institutional spread throughout the country. Since 2011, she attended Andrés Barriga, Ecuadorian filmmaker trained in France and author of a dozen documentaries, including a television series of 30 episodes on the history of Ecuador. Together, they have just completed the realization of "Guardianes" medium-length on the Ecuadorian-Colombian border. His involvement in Ecuador is also illustrated in the dissemination, promotion and production of live entertainment sector with the support at the residence of many French and international artists NGC25 dance company met with the National Dance Company and National orchestra of Ecuador, Julien Loureau and Jeff Sharell, etc ...

Contact Brama Ecuador :
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Historian, documentary filmmaker and writer, Sébastien Jallade lives and works in Peru since 2006. Member of the collective Documental Peruano, he regularly contributes to the production of artistic events (festivals, workshops, conferences) throughout the country.
Since 2012, it is also fixer, producer and director on behalf of French and Canadian production companies.
Previously, from 2007 to 2010, he traveled more than 3500 kilometers on roads of prehispanic Andes. Source of his excellent knowledge of the rural Andes, this experience was the opportunity to make a photographic inventory of geo-Inca roads in collaboration with the University of Saint-Denis (France), as well as more than thirty hours of recordings sound and testimony in the heart of the Andes. From this experience was born the film, 'Qhapaq Nan, the voice of the Andes', which he co-authored (dir. S.Pachot, Elkin, 2009). The documentary received the 2009 label Unifrance, the French agency for the promotion of French literature abroad. Author of two books published in France, the Transboréal editions, he currently works as a director on two personal projects documentary feature films. Integrated perfectly into the cultural, artistic and scientific Lima, the Peruvian capital, it also participates in various editorials and literary projects.

Contact Brama Peru:
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