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«Google» anecdote :

Consulting a Google site open to the views on incoming tourism in Bolivia has enabled us to determine how risky the filmmakers-directors, reporters documentary looking for reliable partners for their projects. Two years of assistance to the realization of documentaries, reports, fiction or video clips enabled us to see how production were different experiences.


Strengths and Weaknesses of the Networks of existing institutions (embassies, cultural centers) :

Contact with embassies and cultural cooperation institutions can appreciate the important role of information they play in their citizens abroad. However regarding the audiovisual and cultural sector, sometimes attached to some embassies cover vast territories of a continent; often their rotation does not allow a satisfactory continuity as regards the combination and monitoring selected contacts. These state officials whose mission is to disseminate culture, sometimes do not have the skills or perhaps especially the time needed to deal with the problems of developing production -this is not the case a specialist who will devote all his efforts to production-.


Why is the word "Brama"?

The word "Brahma" is inspired by a tenacious and skillful warrior Samory empire (Mali) named "Keme Bourama" pronounced "Keme Brama" in the time of the first colonial conquests in the sub-Saharan region. Sung by griots Mandingo, Mali to the Ivory Coast, he became the Bambara mythology, a Sahelian alter ego of Ulysses!

These songs (an example here) that transcend the facts of the past military exploits and magical love make this hero a symbol of freedom that is acquired in the fight against the fatality of reality, even through occasional failures. This philosophy of adventure and struggle against adversity Brama Production wants to breathe in the productions of arts, culture, audiovisual, always innovative to meet the challenges of a difficult world, always full of puzzles .


How are selected the "Brama advisers" of the BramaHUB ?

Advisors in each country are selected after careful study of their local course and after a detailed analysis of their personal and professional profile. To integrate the Brama network, they must adhere to a charter that binds to the philosophy of this network.

The profile of "Brama Advisors"

Totally independent, Brama Advisor is independent of any institution, or from any authority, he has confidence in the values ​​that underpin the creation of a development project. The "Brama Advisor" is almost always a rich experience writer, filmmaker, painter, photographer, choreographer, in a word artist. You actually he perfectly understood the difficulty in its dimensions and the risk of what "produce a creation" psychic human, and even logistics. It must be also a true connoisseur of the country in which it resides, particularly if it is not itself a "native" of its host country. Its mission is to enable the best possible integration of Project to develop. A polyglot, happy "chameleon", he can be effective and operational for the effective implementation of the project partner. Without being an expert on new technologies and new media, he knows them well enough to know that 'they offer the best. A Brama Adviser is in no way a kind of audiovisual commercial, independent or a great or heroic Refer to search for the best scoop, it's only an integrated individual in his home country and his time with the desire to implement the best of himself for a human and worthy project. He never loses sight of the ethical and professional values ​​that agree with respect to the applicant's project and network integrity Brama Hub.


The charter Brama Production is the central pillar of the network and the guarantor of its integrity. With the charter, the Brama Advisor, once chosen must respect a set of rules. The "Brama Advisor" gives a portion of their fees for the operation and network growth. In exchange, he joined the Brama production network that will grant him complete autonomy and give him full confidence to use the network image; it can use its functionality (website, email, document, account management, support and ongoing training). These rules are intended to preserve the identity, integrity and network cohesion and enable a coherent and efficient development. The charter also states that the interest we have to pay for a project is not limited to its economic and media dimensions; but rather to its intellectual, scientific, cultural and creative.