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A professional team of range are available in our network for the realization of a wide range of creative and production.

Our assistance to audiovisual production may be involved in different fields:

  • Professional staffing to complete your own teams: Cameraman, steadycameur, cinematographer, sound engineer, chief electrician, editor, special effects, makeup artist, care for environment, gafer, fixer, casting director etc ....
  • Directed reportage documentary, fiction to video, commercials institutional films, we made or co-produced the project.
  • Equipment rental: We can make available all types of professional audiovisual materials in all countries where we operate and establish quotations within budget.


Connoisseur of the country in which we live, which has sometimes in difficult contexts in its geographical dimension, we have all necessary dive experience to ensure the logistics of production in a serene climate of security and confidence.
Logistics is often an important part of the success of a project, especially when it is complicated.

We have the best professionals for:

  • Car Rental with 4 * 4 Drivers
  • Rental truck
  • Airplane or helicopter rental

Accommodation is facilitated by our deep knowledge of the hotels and inns throughout the country in which we live. We can make available to cooks, guides, porters to reach the most inaxecessibles places.


Of course we also have a network of experienced editors and graphic designers who can assume OffShore assembly or reporting dressing, documentary, fiction, and also assume the realization of animated films, thanks to the mastery the entire post-production software chain.



The activity of Brama Productio brings to all sectors of creation, assistance to the acceleration of the development project. If the audiovisual activity represents the largest share in volume, we also like to participate in the development of creations that use other forms of audiovisual: contemporary visual art, new media, architecture, arts street live performance. Our commitment makes us more willing to different cultural movements of the society in which we live. Through this effort, we are close to young creators, regardless of their forms of expression, and we repérons and local trends, and to participate in the emergence of new talents. Bramaproduction is proud to be practical in the sense already active in several countries in Latin America.

Administrative Management and Archive Search

Administrative Management assumed by BramaProduction can be very valuable in the development or production of super-production. Our knowledge of local laws and authorities allows us to accelerate administrative processes sometimes necessary for the implementation of a fiction or documentary.

  • Preparing contracts with local TV channels,
  • The preparation of artists' contracts with copyright, etc ..
  • Provision of multilingual translators for writing official letters, or all types of documents. (The signature contract with delegation.)
  • The Support Visa Insurance equipment and people
  • Seeking authorization for a shoot

Archival research can be a very useful action at a distance for directors or production companies seeking overseas specific sources on past events whether written or audiovisual to instruct or documented their own programs . The Brama counselors can arrange to collect, gather this information while complying with the necessary procedures with respect to rights to use these sources for example.

Le réseau Fixeur du BRAMA HUB

Who are the fixers of Brama Hub?

Due to their knowledge of the country and their institutional Relations "Brama advisers" can help you identify the best fixers following the logic or the theme of a story. they can show you the best profiles according to your budget and your requirements. Brama production does not limit the role of fixer in a country at war or in a difficult environment. The fixer can play a crucial role, anywhere, any time and any place.

What is the Role of the Fixer?

The definition wikipedia links this news activity "burning": "In difficult areas, particularly in countries at war, a" fixer "(francisation English setting) or accompanist, is a person who knows best the region, acting both as an interpreter, guide, camp with a foreign journalist, for which he can arrange a meeting with a particular local character. the fixer acts on behalf of a production typically Western. His knowledge of the terrain and local governments is essential. It is the essential interface with the public.